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Endouble.com: where e-commerce and recruitment converge. We don’t create a site: we create a continuously evolving platform. Everything is easily measured. We use an agile approach for continuous innovation and improvement.


Online recruitment is undergoing radical transformation. It is no longer simply a question of posting job ads online and waiting for a response. It’s about context, measurement, content, findability, chain optimisation and, well… we could talk about it for hours. But you really need to see it.

Super Specialist

How do we stand out from the crowd? We don’t create a site, but a continuously evolving platform using an agile approach. Not only with, but between customers, too. Millions of visitors come into contact with our platforms every month through our national and international customer base. And we learn a great deal from this. Knowledge that we are keen to share.

Segregation of front and back offices

Our platforms are built on the principle that the front office (site) and back office (ATS) must be segregated, that everything can be effectively measured and that there is always room for improvement. This works best and most effectively for large, international employers, but also for smaller organisations that want to make a real difference in the labour market.

Seeing is believing

Take a look at one of our cases and see how our Talent Acquisition Platforms works in practice.

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