Refurls is a simple and effective social referral tool. Find new employees faster and more cost effectively by using employees for recruitment. No need to worry about the technology: Refurls is extremely smart throughout.


Employee networks have been in use for years to find new employees. With the advent of social media, such networks have become stronger and bigger than ever before. Refurls includes a solution that lets an organisation utilise its employees’ and contacts’ social networks for the recruitment of new staff. How does it work?

Share easily

Refurls facilitates the sharing of vacancies and other content, invitation of contacts and recommending these via online network services (e.g. LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, email, weblogs and other channels).

Interpret actions

All actions (and reactions) resulting from this are measured and interpreted. Employees can be rewarded according to the number of visits to the recruitment website, and the number of applications and new employees that this generates.

Motivate employees

Refurls has a range of features for improving the results of referral campaigns and encouraging and motivating participants through ranking lists, internal competitions, awards and an intelligent points system. The ideal solution for using your employees’ networks to find new staff faster and more cost effectively.

We provide the method, you provide the communication

No need to worry about the technology. Refurls is extremely smart throughout: we’ve thought about everything. So what still needs to happen? Communications, experience, follow up, inspiration, commitment, effort, humour and so on. We can also help you with this, and this will determine the success of your referral strategy.

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