Recruitment Analytics

Gut feeling? We don’t believe that. And that’s why data analysis forms our basis for optimisation. Of course we like nice stories and lovely photos but, at the end of the day, results have to be delivered.


Analysis is our holy grail and forms the basis for optimisation. All our websites are fully measurable, allowing us to connect data with context.

Understanding through analytics

Continuous analysis of search behaviour shows, for example, that:
• A visitor decides within 2 seconds whether or not to continue.
• Just 4.2% of all visitors go to the home page.
• A compulsory account results in 25% fewer applications.
• A testimonial produces a 7% increase in applications.
• 20% of candidates retrieve their CV from the cloud (Google Drive/Dropbox).
• 42% of young people under the age of 18 no longer use a desktop for applications.
• The best applications are submitted between 7pm and 8.30pm.

Quality above quantity

We use this information to make continuous improvements and to optimise the applicant journey. This increases the quality of applications and reduces the number of (costly) rejections.

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