Recruitment marketing

The talent acquisition platform is as solid as a rock, the analytics are working like a Swiss clock and your Applicant Journey Tool is on hot standby. What are we still waiting for? Visitors! The icing on the cake: marketing.


Shall we use innovative job boards for marketing? With a touch of social media too? Topped off with Google AdWords? Possibly, but we prefer a more thorough approach.

70/20/10 strategy

We start with a strategy based on Owned, Earned and Paid media. In principle, the ratio between these channels can be adjusted to 70/20/10. Why spend money on job boards when we can achieve a dominant position via search engines?

Power to the people

Why pay for job slots when existing employees can also use their networks via Refurls? Even though this may result in fewer visitors, the quality is often an order of magnitude greater.

In control of one’s destiny
Of course our specialists are qualified in AdWords/Analytics and are familiar with SEO. However, the idea is that our customers take as much control of recruitment as they can themselves.

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