Applicant Journey

Interested in monitoring the entire applicant journey, rather than just the final ‘apply’ click? Whires lets you do this! And it’s 100% transparent: all information is managed in a single environment. No more personal information in the mail boxes of recruiters and hiring managers.


The days of the ATS are numbered. What began life as an electronic mail room, has become something of an Applicant Torture System. This must change, and Whires makes it possible. What are the benefits?

Manage vacancies in a single environment

Parcels are tracked: people shouldn’t be treated like a piece of mail. Of course you need a process, but the relationship between company and candidate is different. Whires allows vacancies, applicants, recruiters and line managers all to be managed in a single environment, without losing sight of equality. It supports all communication between these parties, but above all is transparent.

Transparency for the whole team

Whires can be used to measure journeys, far beyond the candidate’s final ‘apply’ click. And we ensure that from now on all mail sent to candidates can also be followed by the stakeholders. No more personal information in the mail boxes of recruiters and hiring managers. Whires is ready for ever-changing privacy legislation, and in a responsive format.

Analytics, but integrated

Can an ATS provide information about the time applicants spend reading a vacancy before applying? No, that’s not integrated within the ATS. Or tell us how many mobile-savvy applicants have actually been recruited? No, that neither. We have tool that does exactly that: Whires.

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