Context is king.

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In early October 2015, we delivered the responsive recruitment website for Sweco Nederland: werkenbijsweco.nl.


Context is king. With the slogan ‘Working together on progress’, the website presents around 70 job opportunities in the context of working at Sweco.


The context starts directly on the homepage, where a slider introduces all the professional working areas. Using many images, infographics and projects, candidates get an idea of what it is like to work for Sweco’s clients. To be able to maintain the relation between vacancies and working areas throughout the entire site, the working areas have been captured in a set of icons. Besides browsing through vacancies, werkenbijsweco.nl offers a lot to read and look at. This does not only add to the experience of the candidate; this quality content contains important keywords that help search engines with indexation.


Target groups

To be able to offer the candidate (and here too: also the search engines) the most relevant path to conversion, a distinction is made in the main navigation between the target groups for whom Sweco has vacancies available. The target group pages further lead the candidates to relevant job vacancies, as well as events to get to know Sweco.


From experience and research, we know that the behavior of the mobile candidate differs greatly from the candidates who visit the website using the desktop display. Mobile websites are accessed primarily for orientation purposes, where long pieces of texts are barely read. With this in mind, the mobile display of the website focusses on the functionality relevant to this initial orientation phase. To be able to easily reach out to recruiters, they are instantly accessible thanks to a sticky menu button.

Flat design

To be able to change the corporate identity of Sweco into something entirely new and modern – but still fitting the company's web design – Sweco and Endouble cooperated with Brand Republic. This produced a very sleek and clean-looking flat design, where functionality has preference over form.  


Because a lot of context at werkenbijsweco.nl is offered with vacancies, it is useful to be able to bookmark a vacancy. This can be done in a very approachable manner, by ‘starring’ a vacancy, after which the candidate can go back here at any time during the session using the ‘Your Favorites’ link.


No search engine is perfect; therefore it can be refined during searching. And the tiles in the vacancy overview also contain tags for instant filtering. While searching, are you curious to find all vacancies related to, for instance, civil engineering? With just one click on a tag, you will be navigated to the correct overview.


Take a look at werkenbijsweco.nl to see the final result.
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