"With Endouble, we have the right party to truly understand the why behind the hire"

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How do you recruit in a smart and cost effective way, over 6000 new colleagues a year from all over the country in a market under heavy pressure? And how do you make sure that you recruit postmen, logistics and corporate colleagues through one single platform? And how do you incorporate these factors in your campaigns?

Sandd and Endouble have joined forces to tackle these challenges in which Sandd’s recruitment website plays a crucial role.

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To measure is to know is the key principle. Sandd uses data and insights to optimize every single day. The most important goals of the entirely measurable website are:
  • Attracting the right candidates;
  • Being able to determine the characteristics of high quality candidates;
  • Gaining insights in the successful components and bottlenecks of the website.
Additional goals are mobile friendliness and the flawless integration of 3(!) ATS’s. The context of the candidate has constant focus, he or she must only be provided with the information relevant to his or her situation.

The why behind the hire

"With Endouble, we have the right party to truly understand the 'why behind the hire' at the top level and work towards a predictive platform, using all gathered data in perfection." Stephan Wiepjes, Manager Recruitment at Sandd



Data forms the basis for Sandd's recruitment strategy, and the recruitment website is the place where data is collected and connected. It's not just about attracting as many visitors as possible to the website, but especially about finding the right candidates. We do this by measuring each step of the process and improving these factors that have a positive impact on the quality of candidates.


The website addresses three different target groups. For postmen, it is important to know what to earn, while a candidate for a head office function wants to know more about the content of the job. Continuity is sought to find the right balance between what Sandd has to say and what type of candidate wants to know.


With a recruitment target of 6,000 new postmen per year, using campaigns is needed. The main online channels are Facebook, Adwords, Indeed and Tradetracker. The campaign message will of course be adapted to the target audience.


Smart vacancy search

By job type, search filters have been added so candidates only see relevant jobs. Based on the IP address, search fields are filled in. For example, a potential postal service provider in Amsterdam only sees vacancies in his immediate vicinity. In addition, all data is visualized by integrating Google Maps. For the corporate vacancies, the filters are location and company department.

Recruitment dashboard

All website data is presented in clear dashboards and reports so Sandd can make the right conclusions to the insights. And thus continuously improves the recruitment funnel.

Connection of 3 ATS’s

Sandd has vacancies for 3 target groups: corporate, postmen and franchisees, all of them have their own ATS. These 3 systems are linked to the site in such a way that the applicant does not notice via which system he applies. Whether you apply on a corporate vacancy (ATS Talentsoft) or a postmen vacancy (custom ATS), you as a candidate will experience a seamless process.

Mobile applying

An absolute must have, especially for postmen. They can now apply mobile easy and fast.

Job Alert

For each type of job (corporate, logistical and postmen) candidates are able to create a job alert.

Simple application form

The application form has been made as simple as possible with 2 steps to reduce the application threshold. At the same time, candidates who do not meet the availability requirements are immediately filtered out. We do this with knock-out questions, which can be added to a separate vacancy.

Vacancy detail templates, including context audience

Each target audience has custom templates for the vacancy-detail page. For postmen, the proximity of work is central, whereas the corporate vacancies focus on the details of the job and applying process.

Advanced measurability

The measurement goes far beyond the number of visitors. By deploying 'enhanced e-commerce', Sandd has insight into the application funnel for each vacancy. In addition, the custom ATS for postmen is linked to Analytics. By this,  Sandd sees through which channels candidates are hired. This allows to determine the most successful channels for specific vacancies.

UX optimization

Visitor behavior is analyzed with heat maps, scroll maps and a feedback functionality. This is valuable input to optimize the site's usability.


The first results of Sandd’s new recruitment site are promising:
  • The number of mobile applications has increased from 1.15% to 6.65%.
  • The targeted vacancies ensure that there are hardly any applications in areas where sufficient capacity is already available.
  • Candidates find the right jobs faster. The website, templates and campaigns match the needs of specific audiences, so the new (smart) search results in a shorter visit time (-16%) on the site without a decrease in conversion rate.
  • Measuring candidate behavior on the site has provided better insight into the parts of the site that are used and not used and what impact they have on applications
  • Measuring the complete funnel ensures that media budget is bought much smarter.
The next step is to use predictive analytics: by predicting which jobs are doing well and which are less successful, campaigns can be automatically started and closed.
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