"I’m very proud of our vacancy pages."

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Industry: Insurance
ATS: Connexys

Achmea has been the biggest player on the Dutch insurance market for 200 years. They own several, nationwide well known brands such as Centraal Beheer, Interpolis, Zilveren Kruis and FBTO.

The company’s digitalisation demanded more and more top IT, data and digital talent. Achmea was determined to provide an optimised candidate experience to each target group. It was clear that their outdated, non-mobile friendly website wouldn’t cut it. So we got to work.


  • Optimal candidate experience: relevant content and user-friendly application process
  • Differentiating between vacancies for different brands
  • Full measurability for future optimisation of the website and for improving the company’s recruitment strategy.
  Marloes Willems, Recruitment Marketing Advisor, Achmea: “I’m very proud of our vacancy pages. They are customised for each brand. They tell exactly what the candidate needs to know about the position and our company. We focused on the candidate’s needs as much as possible. An applicant can for instance choose the way how they want to be contacted during the application process; by Whatsapp or rather via email or phone.”


Achmea’s multi-brand nature and the multiple target audiences they wanted to attract required a technically complex website, which looks straightforward to the candidate. We made sure that the career website is a starting point of a new, data driven recruitment strategy:
  • The website is fully measured: All significant interactions are tracked so that the website can continuously be improved.
  • Insight into the quality of hire: We connected the website’s data to the ATS (Connexys). This allows Achmea to measure how many candidates have been hired out of the processed applications. Moreover, it gives information about the quality of the campaigns they have been running.


Application directly through the website interface

Achmea’s career page is fully integrated with their applicant tracking system (Connexys). This rids the applicant of creating an account in the ATS. This improves the candidate experience significantly.

Customised vacancy pages

Achmea present customised content to each target group on dynamic vacancy detail pages. The content changes based on:
  • The candidate’s need or
  • The brand the vacancy belongs to.
An IT professional sees for instance different vacancy recommendations and application process information than a digital marketing professional. The background colour of a vacancy is green if it belongs to brand A and it changes to blue if it’s offered by brand B.


What’s next?

We will continue to work on the improvement of the Achmea career website. Our Customer Success Manager and Data Specialists have quarterly meetings in which we analyse the data and provide Achmea with advice in order to achieve their recruitment goals.
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