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Did you know that, apart from conductors, NS (Dutch main railway operator) is recruiting baristas, application managers, cleaning personnel and managers? To properly serve all these different target groups, Endouble developed a new talent acquisition platform for NS mid-2013, followed by an intensive period of optimisation to make the candidate journey as pleasant as possible. The result is werkenbijns.nl

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Goal for this NS project was to make the candidate journey as pleasant as possible. It should be a responsive recruitment websites for the mobile applicant which is fully measurable and traceable.


The platform is built on Endouble’s WordPress Recruitment Framework. In the WordPress framework, vacancies are loaded from the OTYS web service of the ATS and the website is linked to the ATS.

Continued development

After delivering the site, the time is used to further optimise the platform together with NS. During fortnightly meetings, data was analysed and ways for improvement of the site were discussed. Adjustments were tested using A/B tests and implemented definitively in case of positive results. This intensive cooperation between NS and Endouble has led to some nice results (see 'Result').


Measurable and traceable

By consequently implementing a clear navigation structure, solid URLs and meta data, the website can be easily located. The NS site is measured using Universal (Google) Analytics and uses E-Commerce tracking to provide complete transparency for the trip of a visitor/applicant. For example, this way the average recruitment costs per operating area are clear, as well as the channels used for the entire trip: from the first visit to the final application. This insight helps NS to even better serve their target groups.

Contextual and the applicant’s trip

Visitors often do not use the usual front door, the homepage, but use a side entrance instead, for example a vacancy detail page. In those cases, there is a more extensive information need than just the vacancy text. After all, you would like to know where you will be working and with whom. Therefore context is offered here. For example, the business unit or retail formula where you will be working.

Responsive recruitment website for the mobile applicant

On average, about 35% of visitors are using a tablet or mobile phone (smart phone). It appeared that, with 42%, visits using mobile devices at NS are above average. The recruitment site automatically scales up according to the size of the browser. We call this a responsive site.


Basic navigation

By making navigation simpler and clearer, the number of pages per visit has decreased by 33.97%. The visitor can more quickly find the information he/she is searching for and does not get 'lost' in the site.

Reduction bounce percentage of 27%

Every page offers links to relevant other content. By creating a 'round' site, the bounce percentage of the site has decreased by more than 27%.

Increase of visitor data as a result of SEO and advertisement

SEO, combined with advertisement campaigns, are – successfully – used to lead more traffic (directly) to the website. Partly as a result of these activities, an increase in the number of visitors of 30% was realised. In the past year and a half, the optimisation of the advertising activities has led to an increase in the conversion percentage from campaigns of almost 75%.

Increase in mobile conversions

As the site is responsive, mobile conversions have increased by more than 125%. We are proud that NS has awarded us with this assignment and we are happy with the opportunity they have given us for continuous development of their site. We will continue to optimise the site in the coming period and, together with NS, we will work towards a talent acquisition platform with optimal performance.
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