"Endouble thinks along with you and helps to formulate KPIs."

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With over 22,000 employees working in the Netherlands at the many trainstations, on the trains, at the dozens of maintenance and service locations, and at the office, NS is a versatile organization. The old recruitment idea—recruiting from a business point of view—made it difficult for candidates to find the right job.

That is why NS has turned the issue around. By taking the target group (the candidate) as a starting point, the candidate will find his/her way to a dream job at NS much faster. The career website naturally plays an important role in this. How has data helped to make the right decisions?


With a recruitment need of 3,500 vacancies per year and an increasingly tight labor market, the new recruitment approach comes exactly at the right time. The request that NS asked Endouble: “Create an online recruitment process for us that is in line with our new recruitment strategy. We want to continuously receive and process the insights into visitor behaviour, so that we can respond better every time to the needs of the target group.”


The most important action points for NS are:

  • Addressing different target groups
  • A fully measurable application process up to and including the hire

Outside in instead of inside out

Different target groups are addressed differently on the website. For employees of a station store, it is important to know what they will earn, while a candidate for a head office position wants to know more about the content of the position. We are constantly looking for the right balance between the message NS wants to tell and which information the candidate needs.


Data forms the basis for NS’s recruitment strategy, and the recruitment website is the place where data is collected and linked to each other. It is not only about attracting as many visitors as possible to the website, but especially about finding the right candidates. We do this by measuring each step and improving the factors that have a positive influence on the quality of candidates.



Measure up to and including the hire

We have applied the extensive possibilities of Google Analytics for e-commerce to the recruitment process of NS. This way we can measure the entire job application funnel per vacancy up to and including the hire.

Recruitment dashboard

All website data is presented in easy-to-read dashboards and reports so that NS can take the right action based on the insights. Thus, the recruitment funnel continuously improves.

Target group specific vacancy page

Every target group wants specific information in their job search. The NS platform responds to this by showing the right information to the right target group. In the case of part-time job vacancies, for example, a salary calculator is displayed with which the candidate can immediately calculate what they will earn. For professionals at the head office, the focus is more on the working conditions, the process and the colleagues.

Search filters per target group

The NS website has an extensive search filter, which offers a different set of filter options for each target group. Do you want to work on the train, at the station, or rather at the office? The search filter on the NS platform offers the right filters for the type of work that a visitor is looking for. With the "station vacancies," you can directly filter on stores and store formulas where the "office vacancies" focus on the various working fields.

Saved vacancies

Found an interesting vacancy, but don’t have the time to apply? Or are you missing some information? The platform offers the possibility to save interesting vacancies for later on the same device. Applying from a different device? This is also possible with a functionality that makes it possible to send all saved vacancies in one go by e-mail. 


The new structure of werkenbijns.nl allows NS to improve step by step and to gain an ever-better insight into the needs of the target group. This leads to better quality candidates and more user-friendliness (candidates find the right vacancy faster).

After the launch of the new site, these are the results that we can share so far:

  • + 150% mobile applications
  • + 160% mobile application percentage
  • + 43% click-through from vacancy page to application form
  • + 17% hiring/application ratio
  • + 7% Google organic traffic
  • Nomination for multiple awards (“Digitaal werven” and “Best website of the year” - Dutch awards)

“Together with Endouble, we have launched a nice new recruitment site. Endouble thinks along with you and has helped to formulate KPIs. Through the dashboard we can always view the performance of the site and continuously optimize it. ”

Daphne van der Sprong,

Team Coordinator Recruitment Marketing

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