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In a short time Jumbo has grown rapidly from 30,000 to 65,000 (!) employees. In this way the supermarket firm continues to be dynamic. This makes for quite a challenge in which the recruitment website Jumbowerkt.nl plays an important role.

The quality of applicants is a key part for Jumbo. Thanks to a powerful backend we can analyse data extensively to see if we are able to predict that quality somehow. And because Jumbo offers much more than supermarket, logistical and HQ vacancies, new target groups and challenges arise.

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The aim is threefold and serves the higher purpose: better quality of applicants.

  • Increase of relevant conversion: this means rejecting fewer candidates on the basis of, for instance, travel time or availability.
  • Optimise usability, also called the ‘candidate journey’.
  • Full transparency of the application process up to and including the hire: creating insight into which sources lead to hires by applying Google Analytics' ‘enhanced e-commerce’.

Client response

“ Jumbo strongly believes that data will affect the future of recruitment. We therefore invest in data maturity and use data to improve our recruitment process in an innovative way. The positive effects of it are already visible to the applicant and customer. And we are not done yet...

- Jennifer Kors (Manager HR head office)


The renewed website is developed with the Scrum-method. During adaptation of the existing platform we were focused on:

  • optimising (through ‘refactoring’) of the bottlenecks of the former website;
  • expanding the features to optimise usability;
  • improving the measurability of the website.

From the current website we have been continuing to develop in biweekly sprints since March 2016, which has produced an increasingly complete recruitment website.

Expansion Google Analytics enhanced e-commerce

We have applied the extensive capabilities of Google Analytics for e-commerce to Jumbo’s recruitment process. In this way we can measure the entire application funnel for each vacancy. We also consider what happens to applicants after application. How many were hired? And more importantly: what was the quality of these candidates? And how do they perform in the long term? Read more about it in this blog. This method by Endouble has recently been awarded with a Google Analytics Certified Partnership.


The goals were the starting point for developing the features:

Relevant conversion:

To ensure an increase in relevant conversion several actions were undertaken, such as:

  • optimisation of the website for search engines (SEO);
  • improving the platform performance (speed) by improving the code of the site;
  • adding killer questions;
  • adding landing pages and even automated location pages;
  • a link with the FAD (Fraud Prevention Retail), ensuring that candidates that are registered for fraud at the FAD are rejected.

Optimising usability:

Jumbo mainly recruits young people, a target group that is often using mobile devices. For this reason one of the focus points for optimising the candidate journey is improving the mobile (application) process on the site. Extensive user tests (such as heat maps) have led to a simplified application process and form, among other things. Furthermore, you can apply for side jobs through Facebook.

Full transparency of the application process:

Through applying enhanced e-commerce trackers and the connection with the ATS (Talentsoft), the complete funnel is visible per vacancy in Google Analytics.

What’s next?

Work is ongoing to improve the website in quick bursts, to better connect it to Jumbo’s wishes. Next steps include, among others:

  • The use of Adwords on the basis of the amount of hires. So that automatic campaigns can be started (and closed) for hard-to-fill vacancies.
  • The tweaking of content for the target group. So that they only see relevant information.
  • A custom dashboard for recruiters, so that they gain insight into the individual performance of vacancies.


Relevant conversion

  • Thanks to SEO actions the percentage of visitors through Google has increased from 26% in 2016 to more than 30% in 2017.
  • The improvement of the code (in 2014) has led to enormous improvement of loading times. The loading time of the vacancy summary page has improved with a stunning 94% (!).

Optimising usability

  • Thanks to the optimisation of the mobile application process the percentage of applications through mobile has risen from 4.25% in 2016 to 11.20% in February 2017.
  • Through improved navigation and simplified application forms the average number of pages per visit has gone down from 4.12 in 2016 to 3.29 pages in February 2017.

Full transparency in application process

The advantages of full transparency in the application process are expressed in the short term through, for example, the more efficient buy-in of ‘traffic’ (candidates). In the long term the results provide evidence for making adjustments in the recruitment strategy - or to leave it as it is.

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