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Starting as one branch, Hunkemöller grew into an international omnichannel brand and has become renown in eighteen countries. Hunkemöller’s vision is to become an internationally loved social brand. So, it is time for a recruitment website that perfectly fits that ambition!

Hunkemöller asked Endouble to create a new responsive and fully measurable Talent Acquisition Platform for all international vacancies. The result is

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Feel our vibe

Starting points for the new Talent Acquisition Platform were:
  • Provide an accurate image of the Hunkemöller vibe with the right look and feel
  • Ensure there is a link to the two ATS’s
  • Create a multi-lingual website
  • Make sure that the complete recruitment funnel is measurable


Endouble’s products are developed according the Scrum method. This website has been completed by the Scrum team in biweekly sprints as an MVP (Minimal Viable Product). The addition of requirements during development has expanded in some respects. The end result is a wonderful international platform. An extra challenge was that Hunkemöller uses two different ATS’s. Because of that we have not only had frequent consultations with the client, but we also switched a lot between the ATS suppliers.


The new website has a smart design in order to manage the expectations of the candidate as good as possible. A sample from the features:

Worldwide recruitment

The website is available in 7 languages and the user can apply to vacancies in eight countries.

Save favourite vacancies

Interested persons can save vacancies and send them to themselves.

ATS integration

Hunkemöller uses 2 different AT’s for this website, that way all countries can keep using their own ATS.

Team information

The team information has an important place on this website. This information is linked to the vacancies. If they wish so, each team can have their own photo that will also appear on the job details page.

Job alert

Interested persons will receive an alert email, whereby they can indicate very specific wishes.

Testimonials / videos of employees

The testimonials and videos provide an accurate image of the experiences of the employees.

Killer questions

Hunkemöller works a lot with the so-called ‘killer questions’. These will be shown on the site depending on the (type of) vacancy.

Frequently asked questions

There is a permanent selection of 7 FAQs included, which is shown in the footer as an addition to the information about the vacancy.


The result is a website that is ‘on brand’ at all levels; one of the most important cornerstones of this website.

Funnel fully measurable

The whole funnel can be measured in Google Analytics. The first positive result after the launch is the average conversion percentage of 11,38% (of which 2,81% through mobile and 16,70% (!) through desktop).
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