Gemeente Zoetermeer (municipality)

By using mobilising content and smart advertising, we draw the right target group's attention to the municipality's jobs.

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The challenge given to us by ‘Gemeente Zoetermeer’ (the Zoetermeer Municipality) is the development of a responsive recruitment website for both internal and external vacancies.

Their wish was to meet the new developments in terms of labour market communication and recruitment. A challenge we gladly accepted!

By using mobilising content and smart advertising, we draw the right target group’s attention to the municipality’s vacancies. Content is king and that is the central thread in our collaboration for

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The goals for this case:
  • Responsive website with the possibility of applying mobile
  • Increased conversion of vacancies (more applications)
  • Drawing the right target group's attention to vacancies
  • Recruitment using social media (efficient and cost-saving)

Client response

“ I'm proud of the website, which gives great results, among other things thanks to the usage of social media. It also reflects the newest developments in terms of labour market communication. And the site developments still continue.

- Monique Boogaard (HRM Policy Adviser for the municipality)


Consumer friendly and responsive website

The website is set up in compliance with the W3C guidelines. This norm ensures all target groups can use the website through screen readers, allowing us to increase the site's accessibility and consumer friendliness.

Content and advertising

Before, the business had he ownership of the vacancy texts, making them rather informative than mobilising. Many candidates pulled out on the vacancy detail page.

Endouble was brought in to provide a solution, combining content optimisation and advertisement. For each vacancy, this solution entails:

  • a recruitment advice for the best advertising channels;
  • a vacancy intake with the municipality, to find out what the role's challenges and USPs are;
  • a rewritten vacancy text, that is not only mobilising, but also personal, targeted, activating and optimised (SEO).


Screen reader / contrast

Using a screen reader and the contrast function, the content is also available for the visually impaired.

Job alert

Those interested can register for a specific focus area or professional and intellectual level. They will receive an email alert with the vacancies that meet those criteria.

Connection with Talentsoft

The Zoetermeer Municipality uses the ATS Talentsoft. By connecting with AFAS, we can measure until the hire.

Displaying internal vacancies

Depending on the server on which a jobseeker visits the career site, different vacancies are displayed. Employees of the Zoetermeer Municipality will also see internal vacancies. When logging in as an outsider, you will only see external vacancies.

Applying mobile

Totally possible (even with W3C norms).

Referral recruitment - development Refurls

By deploying Refurls, employees can easily share vacancies with their personal network. Via the dashboard, the results are transparent for everyone.


The result is the consumer friendly, responsive website Some global success figures (comparison of the period April 2016 - January 2017 with the previous year).

  • Number of visits: +480%
  • Average duration of the visit: doubled from 25 to 58 seconds
  • Average vacancy percentage: increased from 0.20% to 2.40%
We notice that a combination of a mobilising (SEO) vacancy and advertising using the right channels results in more satisfying applications for the Zoetermeer Municipality.
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