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Industry: Electronics
ATS used: Workday

In May 2018 Philips Lighting changed their company name to Signify.

The new name is the manifestation of the ongoing transformation within the company. The talent acquisition department has faced the challenge of recruiting people who can adequately support this transformation.

As a global corporation, Signify has a significant number of open vacancies and they knew their hiring rate was way below ideal. They needed a new strategy, which helped them improve the application rates by attracting the right people.

The new, measurable career website proved to be the starting point of this new, data-driven recruitment strategy.


Signify is the world leader in lighting and ahead of the game in the Internet of Things. In order to keep on winning in the new age of lighting, the company needed new people to lead their transformation into becoming a tech company. Their employer branding objective has become to attract, engage and inspire critical roles to drive Signify’s transformation and growth. These critical roles include positions in:
  • Supply chain, sales, marketing, technology
  • Early career and (mid) senior vacancies.


1. Improving the quality of hire

In order to start improving their recruitment process, Signify needed to understand what was and wasn’t working in their recruitment process. This is why their first priority was to gather data. We created a career website that is fully measurable, up until the "intention to apply" stage: up to the moment that a potential candidate clicks the “apply” button. By measuring every action on the website, we’re able to identify which steps generate the most intention to apply. We optimise those steps for maximum conversion. As a result, more people with the right profile click the “apply” button.

2. Attract the right talent

You can only attract the right target audience if you know who they are. As the first step, Signify identified their target audiences and created personas. During a series of internal sessions, they answered questions such as:
  • Who are they?
  • What is their candidate journey like?
  • What are they like?
  • What information do they need in order to make a decision to apply?
Signify created buyer personas for each group and made sure that they can find all information on the vacancy pages that is needed to make an educated decision about whether or not to apply for a position. Signify tells persona-specific stories on their vacancy pages now - this is how they attract the right audience.

3. Branding, vision and Employer Value Proposition

Image received special attention because of the company’s recent name change.
  • Branding: We made sure that the new company name and look-and-feel is prominent on the recruitment website.
  • Vision: Signify’s vision and mission is an integral part of the website content. It ensures that the candidate is a good fit for the company culture.
  • Employer Value Proposition (EVP): Each target audience gets their own EVP, which tells them how their role will contribute to the company. Signify uses storytelling as a powerful tool to transmit company values, which helps in managing the expectations of candidates.


  • Candidates get vacancy recommendations on the job detail page based on the department and the location they select. This ensures smooth user experience on the website.
  • To come: Personalized header and videos per target audience.


After 3 months of publishing the new Careers at Signify website:

  • The Intention-to-apply rate increased from 7,51% to 47,60%
  • Bounce rate decreased from 60% to 15,53% (industry benchmark: 19%)
  • Hire rate increased significantly and is on its way to reaching the ideal value

Next steps: Progressing from transaction to engagement by using their content strategy, and by creating a social wall on the career website.

“Since we have our new career website, we are able to measure the impact of our recruitment marketing efforts globally, identifying e.g. the most successful sources that generate most traffic and evaluating social campaigns.

The fully measurable career website allows us to identify which steps generate the most intentions to apply. We optimise those steps for maximum conversion. As a result, we receive more relevant visitors.

The people at Endouble are knowledgeable, engaged and are customer oriented. It’s a real partnership.”

Alice van der Vliet Global Head of Employer Branding & Recruitment Marketing Signify

Alice van der Vliet presented this case during Onboard.Amsterdam on 27th November 2018. We included more details about the Signify recruitment strategy - download it now.
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