Day by day a better recruitment website by continuous optimisation

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Renovating while the shop is still open for business? Eneco is doing it already for 18 months, and no one has been affected by it. The result is a career website that is meeting the candidates’ needs more and more every day.
After delivering the talent acquisition platform, Eneco and Endouble discussed the website results in meetings held every six weeks, with one single goal: continuous optimisation.

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The continuous optimisation should:
  • increase the quality of the candidates and decrease the quantity; improve conversion rates and ensure less deviations;
  • improve the Candidate Journey;
  • appeal to different target groups, from Technical Engineers to Marketing Experts.


The delivery of Eneco’s career platform was the starting point for the continuous optimisation phase. During meetings planned every six weeks, Eneco and Endouble discuss the UX and data analysis and based on these analyses, decide which actions should be taken next in order to improve the website. This approach ensures the customer is very involved in the website development. Instead of having a more customary customer – provider relationship, Eneco and Endouble work together, as one team.


Every optimisation, whether big or small, helps to improve the website, little by little. Some of our latest actions:

UX scan

An extensive UX scan shows where the candidate journey can be improved. Some of our adjustments based on the scan:
  • more experience on the home page;
  • a better overview on the vacancy detail pages;
  • a shorter application form.

Measuring the company match scan

This shows us that people who start performing the scan, also complete the scan (and are therefore a match with Eneco), leading to an increased conversion (6.16% instead of 3.92%).

Adjustment of vacancy titles

Many vacancy titles were adjusted, in order to manage expectations more appropriately. A better match between the title and the content generates more targeted traffic.

Modification of vacancy detail pages made easy

Content on the vacancy detail pages (photos, videos) can be modified, to better connect with the target group.

A/B testing of vacancies

The A/B tests showed that the texts written by a content specialist led to higher conversion rates (6.06% compared to 7.08%).

Heat maps

We use heat maps to analyse customer behaviour and to determine which optimisations are most relevant.

Measuring videos

In order to determine what type of videos are the most successful. A first analysis shows that only 10% of the audience watches the videos until the end. This means the videos are probably too long. This information is used when making new video content. We’re adjusting features on a continuous basis. Would you like to know what the career platform looks like today? Admire it here!


In the end, all improvements lead to an increased quality of the candidates, higher conversion rates and a better candidate journey. Since the website went live, conversion increased with 80%. The company match scan led to an improved application quality. If the scan indicates a good match, the candidate is more likely to apply. 6.16% of those who did the company match scan applied, compared to 3.92% who did not perform the scan.
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