"The career site now seamlessly fits with the corporate look & feel."

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By now, our project manager knows that Driscoll’s grows delicious soft fruit worldwide. During the project discussions, she could enjoy fruits such as fresh raspberries and blue berries from time to time. Not only the fruit, but also Driscoll’s has been growing rapidly in the past couple of years. It was time to facilitate this growth with the support of a new talent acquisition platform: careersatdriscolls.com.


The career site was restyled; it now seamlessly fits with the corporate look & feel.


Together with the Dutch recruitment department of Driscoll's EMEA, Endouble has put a lot of work into a whole new talent acquisition platform.


Through this new platform, Driscoll's offers potential applicants information that matches the needs. A selection of these features:

User experience comes first

By using facet search, the visitor can easily define his or her field of interest and find the job opportunities that matches those interests. And that’s great, because Driscoll’s recruits new employees with widely varying profiles. Aside from growing soft fruit, Driscoll's is also involved in activities such as research and development of own varieties. In that case, it’s nice to see relevant information about the department, experiences of possibly new colleagues and other relevant vacancies when visiting a vacancy.


The share buttons for Refurls take advantage of the different social media channels. Several benefits of these share buttons, compared to the competition, is that they do not place cookies and collected data will not be resold.

Application process

Driscoll’s recruiters are spread across Europe and now profit from a well designed online application process thanks to the connection between the website and PeopleXS’ ATS. The website in itself is based on WordPress and is easy to maintain, even without technical knowledge.

Job alert

Job seekers can subscribe to a job alert, so they are directly notified in case of new and interesting vacancies.


The fresh talent aquisition platform perfectly matches the Driscoll's corporate identity and offers applicants all the information they need. The site is a solid base for the expected growth the company will make in the upcoming years.
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