“We are very happy that Endouble was able to find a solution to work with SuccessFactors and create a candidate centric approach at the same time."

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Delhaize is a Belgian supermarket chain, part of Ahold Delhaize with 134 supermarkets in Belgium and 7 in Luxembourg.

Endouble has been asked to develop a user-friendly talent acquisition platform and keep the candidate in the Delhaize environment throughout the entire application process. In addition, the platform must serve different target groups in different life stages and respond to both the quantitative (mainly supermarkets) and qualitative issues.


Delhaize puts the candidate first, so a user-friendly application process is the most important objective. To achieve this, there are a number of spearheads:
  • ATS Integration (Success Factors), allowing users to complete their application within the platform
  • A measurable website, so data can be used to continuously improve the website
  • Employer branding is carried through to the capillaries of the site. So it's clear to candidates that work at Delhaize is fun.
  • On all devices the site is easy and fast to use and all vacancies are easy to find through the easy job search.
“We are very happy that Endouble was able to find a solution to work with SuccessFactors and create a candidate centric approach at the same time. On one hand the application process is much more easy for our candidates, thanks to the mobile-first approach. On the other hand, our new website enables us to generate more applicant-data and improve continuously. A win-win situation.” Pierre Dosogne - Employer Branding Project Manager


Success Factors integration

The biggest challenge is the ATS integration. This ensures that the full application process takes place in the same platform. Read our blog to learn more about our approach.

Measurable website

From the start of delivery of the platform, as MVP, the site is enriched with emotion and relevance. From our experience with Retail we know the needs of the target group are. Thus, proximity to work and cosiness are important pillars. The data from the platform teaches us more about the behavior of the different target groups and provides insight into further development.

Relevant and contextual information

On the platform, different target groups are served in different stages of life. Thus, there is a distinction between students, starters and young professionals as well as headquarters and supermarket features. Realtime, the correct information is tailored to the target audience. Think of testimonials, related vacancies and information about the work environment


Unique link with Success Factors

SuccessFactors requires the user to first create an account before applying. As a result, the candidate soon exchanges the branded Delhaize environment for the standard ATS environment. To make this process user-friendly, we have made a unique integration with the ATS, enabling the candidate to apply through one platform.

Smart job search

Labels by type of organization Additional filter on departments Based on IP, it automatically determines the visitor's location, so a user directly sees jobs that are relevant to him

Google Maps

Google Maps integration shows candidates at a glance what their potential travel time is.

Mobile application

An absolute must have, especially for students and starters. They can now apply easy and fast via mobile.

6 different application forms

Six different application forms are used within the website. By form, recruiters can add additional selection questions. These questions are automatically included in step two of the different forms.

Vacancy detail templates

Starting point at the vacancy detail page templates are relevance and context. Therefore, the standard content includes: a comprehensive job description, sticky apply, job application display, Google Maps integration, videos and testimonials from retailers.

Advanced measurability

The fully measurable website will be expanded in the future with ‘enhanced e-commerce’, which can be measured by which source a candidate has been accepted.

UX optimization

The visit behavior is analyzed with heat maps, scroll maps. This is a valuable input to optimize the site's ease of use.


The new recruitment site is a wonderful starting point for Delhaize to recruit new colleagues in a user-friendly way (and efficiently). Technological innovation enables:
  • Maintain employer branding within 1 domain
  • Measure within 1 domain
  • Quickly and easily apply via all different devices, results in application rate of 10%
  • Improvement of SEO: 22% organic traffic
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