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Measurable career site as foundation of the employer brand

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With over 3500 employees, De Volksbank is the fourth largest retail bank in the Netherlands. It consists out of  four brands – ASN Bank, BLG Wonen, RegioBank and SNS – each with their own identity and image.

Sound familiar? Probably! Most people will recognize one of the brands. What is less known, is that these brands are all part of De Volksbank. So how do they manage to attract the right people in a challenging labor market? Endouble helped with their fully measurable career site: the foundation of the employer brand.

Industry: Finance

ATS: Connexys 


The relatively unknown employer brand and a lack of insight into the recruitment funnel form  the biggest challenges for De Volksbank and its recruitment team. To solve these challenges, it requires clear goals:
  • Improve the employer brand.
  • Increase the quality of applicants.
  • Reduce the time to hire.
  • Improve insight into the recruitment funnel.
Joke Huetink, Manager Recruitment and Employability at De Volksbank: “Together with Endouble, we’re taking on the challenge of " strategic learning ", which we will use to continue to develop our processes based on data, insights and learnings. That way we can develop an innovative career website, which we use to position ourselves as an employer and attract the right colleagues. ”


The new career website  serves as the basis for achieving these goals. So how does De Volksbank approach this? Together we formulated a clear approach based on three main principles:
  • "Learn by doing"
De Volksbank decided to  start with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the new career site. A basic site, of sorts, that is continuously improved based on learnings and insights from data: "Learning by doing".
  • Applicant-centric approach
What are the wishes and needs of our different target groups and how does the career site  play into this? To identify opportunities, we’ve created various personas that each represent a target group, such as data specialists or customer advisors.
  • Measurability as a starting point
With a fully measurable career website, De Volksbank is able to map out the entire funnel, from the very first visit to the actual job application and to the eventual hire. This enables the recruitment team to evaluate whether the choices made have the desired effect and adjust where necessary.


Vacancy detail pages tailored to the target audience

Here you will find the most important information for specific target groups (personas) such as the location and the salary associated with the job role. Also job specific development opportunities are described here. For example, IT professionals tend to value complex challenges. On each vacancy we have implemented  a "status bar" to indicate in which stage the hiring process is. This is a great way to manage expectations and be transparent to applicants.

User-friendly data dashboards

This allows the team to see at a glance how the website is performing, how candidates are using specific features and how individual vacancies are doing. It also provides insight into how campaign budgets are spent. 

Assisted by Customer Success Manager

De Volksbank has its own Customer Success Manager at Endouble who helps the team interpret the data and turn it into actionable insights.This is an important element in the continuous learning process. Every three months we come together and we discuss the analyze data and plan out optimization opportunities for the next three months. 


What’s next? ... continuous development

The new career-website has been live since mid-July. The delivery of the new platform is not, as many people think, the end of the project. We see it as the start. Just as improving the employer brand and candidate experience cannot be done with the touch of a button, the development of the website and its processes is an ongoing project. Together we continue to learn and optimize the recruitment strategy.
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