"As a Netherlands Top Employer, we find it essential for the applicant to have an optimal customer experience."  

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With more than 14,000 employees, CSU is one of the largest national cleaning companies in the Netherlands. The cleaning sector is a labour-intensive sector and the employees are CSU’s capital. Every year, CSU welcomes inordinately more new colleagues. A new data-driven recruitment approach has to ensure that the quality of candidates continues to increase.

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The most important objective is to set up a measurable recruitment process. In order to improve, you first need to understand where the difficulties lie. Step one is the use of data to map the process (zero measurement). This data is needed to define the process and determine how it can be improved. The improved recruitment process must lead to:
  • Higher-quality candidates;
  • Reduction in the cost per hire;
  • Reduction in the time to hire.
"The labour market is tightening up. At the same time, we want the best people for the service we provide. As a Netherlands Top Employer, we find it essential for the applicant to have an optimal customer experience. Visitors quickly find the relevant opportunities in their neighbourhood and we make them enthusiastic for a career at CSU. The new ‘werken-bij’ [work at] site also offers our recruiters more space on the qualitative side of labour market communication. Both job seekers and clients benefit from this." Barbara de Geus - Marketing, Communication and PR at CSU


The challenge for CSU is having the right people in the right place. This requires a continuous stream of candidates who would like to work at CSU, have a clear view of the organization and go through a well-organized application process. The applicant wants a job that pays well, is close to home and where he is happy to go. But few candidates realise that you can do cleaning work as a (well-paid) sideline. In order to bring CSU and the candidate closer together and at the same time reduce the outflow, three points are being tackled:
  • Mapping reasons for outflow;
  • Mapping future recruitment needs;
  • Creating a well-organised and simple application process for candidates and hiring managers.



Mapping reasons for outflow

Thanks to the smart link with the ATS Talentsoft, the application process can be measured up to and including the hiring. As a result, CSU has insight at a glance into where the best candidates are coming from. All website data is presented in convenient recruitment dashboards and reports so that CSU can draw the right conclusions from the insights.

Mapping recruitment needs

Among other things, analysis provides insight into the recruitment peaks, good-performing and less-well-performing candidates, vacancies and regions. Thanks to this information, CSU gains insight into the points where the recruitment process can be adjusted. In the longer term, this information can be used to go a step further and predict future recruitment needs.

Simple and clear application process

Applying via mobile is the rule rather than the exception for CSU's target group, therefore the application forms are mobile friendly. In addition, there are various vacancy templates, so that each target group can see the information that is relevant to him or her.

Consistent application process within a single domain

In the new situation, the entire application process is handled within a single domain. This leads to a consistent candidate journey and more confidence.


Engagement on the career site is a good indicator for predicting the quality of candidates. Higher engagement means better candidates. And better candidates contribute to a reduction in cost and time to hire. The first results we have measured in the sphere of engagement are very promising:
  • the visit duration increased by 34%
  • 15% more pages were viewed per visit
  • the bounce rate has fallen by 21%
  • the application rate has increased by 7%.
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