"A unique combination of people, materials and activities"

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Boskalis is a leading global provider and expert in the field of dredging and maritime services and in creating new horizons for all its stakeholders. They achieve this by using a unique combination of people, materials and activities.

The previous recruitment website – integrated into the corporate website – was outdated. Moreover, the company had made various acquisitions with the result that there were now a variety of ways for candidates to apply online at Boskalis or one of its sub-brands. This fragmented approach to candidate recruitment in conjunction with the required revamping of the corporate website prompted the development of a new Talent Acquisition Platform.


Developing a stand-alone recruitment website that matches the employer branding strategy, in which all Boskalis business units are represented. The new website has been developed using the Scrum method. In a series of two-week-long sprints, we developed the site from a minimum viable product (MVP) into a stunning showpiece. A variety of tools were used to strengthen employer branding and both visual and textual means were employed to present the information - not too much and not too little.  

The data-driven approach, full measurability of the website and experience in working around iFrames (using Curl technology) were the main reasons for Boskalis to opt for Endouble.


The three spearheads of the Talent Acquisition Platform:

1. Employer branding strategy as the starting point

Storytelling at its best: using images and video to provide visual insight into the world of Boskalis. These visuals are lively and varied, just like the company’s projects and employees. They show the scale and size of the company (8,200 employees worldwide) on the one hand and its personal, approachable character (teamwork) on the other.

2. Context: all information in one convenient place

The visitor can apply the convenient filter feature to view the most suitable job vacancies. The job details page has everything the visitor needs and provides a complete overview. Alongside the standard job details and contact information, the visitor also sees the job status, an FAQ and related jobs.

3. Data-based validation

Ecommerce Tracking has been enabled in Google Analytics, allowing insights into the conversion rate per job vacancy, the sources responsible for these conversions and much more. This answers the question: which vacancies draw the most responses (applications) and through what channel (Google, job boards or social media on the website) did these candidates enter the site? What’s more, all parts of the recruiting funnel are measured, from the moment a visitor applies for a job up to the actual hire. It is the combination of this data that really provides a powerful, detailed picture of the performance of the various recruitment sources Boskalis employs, both in terms of quantity and quality. Last but not least, Endouble offers the right tools to optimally and continuously enhance the performance of the website.


Usability is key. Here are just a few of the handy features:
  • Job filter: allows job seekers to filter the job postings using various criteria like experience level, expertise and language.
  • Job alert: allows job seekers to request a job alert and specify the exact wishes and requirements.
  • Saved vacancies: allows job seekers to save vacancies and email them to themselves.
  • Vacancy status: manages expectations by showing how far the filling of the vacancy has progressed.
  • Related vacancies: presents related vacancies based on “field” and “job level” taxonomies.
  • FAQ: for each job level a set selection of 5 FAQs is available that provide additional information above and beyond the vacancy.
  • LinkedIn parsing: visitors can have most of the fields filled in automatically (convenient for mobile devices).
  • Dropbox: visitors can easily upload their CV and motivation using Dropbox (convenient for mobile devices).
  • Testimonials: these give an honest, inside view based on employee experiences.

Curl technology

The ATS Boskalis uses is linked to WordPress. The ATS currently only offers the option of integrating application forms into the website using iframes. The use of iframes, however, prevents full chain measurement and it is not mobile-friendly. Our Curl technology allows us to move iframes to the background so that all the required application data can be requested on the website using a look and feel that exudes the Boskalis corporate style. This approach also makes it possible to use Apply with LinkedIn and CVs stored in the cloud (Dropbox).


The result is a vibrant website that tells Boskalis’ story in a stunningly visual way and gives visitors the chance to delve into the company’s culture and projects. This is a direct and indirect invitation for talent to apply, using a process that is very user-friendly, both on desktop and on mobile devices. By bringing all the business units together in one site, all candidates approach recruitment in the same manner. Thanks to the data generated by the new site, interviews with the hiring manager can get underway and the available resources can be better distributed.
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