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The new Talent Acquisition Platform serves two main goals: brand awareness and recruitment of young talent.

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Baker & McKenzie is a leading international law firm with 77 offices in 47 countries. They specialize in advocacy, tax practice, notarial practice and supporting services.

The design of Baker & McKenzies recruitment website was very outdated. The user-friendliness left much to be desired and the content was dated. Time for an update.

“Develop a Talent Acquisition Platform which is in line with the present standards (modern, spacious and responsive) and the new European corporate identity. Furthermore, ensure a better match with our youngest target audience.”



The new Talent Acquisition Platform serves two main goals: brand awareness and recruitment of young talent.

Brand awareness

Baker & McKenzie has a distinctive DNA, which should come forward in every detail in the new site. Core values:

  • Baker’s world: working within an international organisation that is ahead of the curve. Practical, pragmatic and innovative.
  • Open minded and open communication: an organisation in which you can (and are allowed to) be free and venturous as to develop yourself optimally.
  • Culture of friendship: an organisation in which you learn from each other and cooperate, celebrate and develop success together.
Young talent

The primary target audience are young professionals, starters and graduates. Secondly, the platform focuses on medior and senior professionals. The site should address both target audiences, this means:

  • Having the corporate, professional character of a leading international law firm and:
  • The more playful, free and unconstrained (though at the same time serious and ambitious) character of an organisation giving room to young talent. An organisation in which you work on interesting cases, mostly with peers.


The new website has been developed using the Scrum method. In a series of two week long sprints, we developed the site from a minimum viable product (MVP) into a state of the art Talent Acquisition Platform.

Employer branding: Baker’s World

Within the website's content (news) platform the focus is on putting forward the 'Baker feeling'. Currently there are 3 sections, namely:
  • Experiences: with video testimonials of employees who provide insight in their motivations, working methods and Baker's culture. Again, these employees should match with the target audience: young, ambitious and fun.
  • News: with updates from the organisation.
  • Blogs: in the near future, blog posts - mostly written by employees - will be added.


The result is a fully renewed, freshly updated website which the company can use to distinguish itself on the labour market. The most important elements of the website are:

Responsive design

Enables the young target audience to view and use the website on all possible devices.

SEO proof

A technical SEO optimisation took place and the codes and the URL structures have been improved. Together with the correct header hierarchy, this ensures that vacancy detail pages are now easier to find.

Improved conversion

Several actions have been applied to improve conversion: the vacancies have been made much more attractive through the use of call to actions, application buttons, personal information of the recruiter and testimonials. Moreover it is also possible to send yourself the vacancy using your smartphone via the 'remind me' button.

Events on the homepage

For Baker & McKenzie events ('courses') are very important because this is a way for young professionals to get in touch with the company. Therefore, the events have a prominent place on the home page. On a separate page, 'The Baker sessions', courses are clarified.


At this moment the application process still takes place in a separate iFrame. Its visual attractiveness is not optimal and it is also not user friendly for smartphone use. In further development of the site, application forms will therefore be integrated, ensuring an intuitive application process on both smartphone and tablet platforms.


The new site is a starting point for Baker & McKenzie for a data driven recruitment approach. By adding more structure in the data analysis and translation of the site, work will not only be more efficient, but will also provide better insight in factors that are of influence on the quality of the candidates.

Learning from and with Endouble plays an important role here.

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