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"This recruitment site based on the needs of the target group ensures that we attract the right candidates to work with Albert Heijn."

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Case a recruitment website set up from the target group’s point of view. Local and relevant content are the basis. A website unique in its kind, where employees are true brand ambassadors and show what it’s really like to work at Albert Heijn.

This showpiece already won several awards. In 2015 was rewarded with the Werf& Award and since November 2016 it has the title ‘Website of the Year‘.

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Albert Heijn's explicit wish was to make sure the new recruitment website provides continuous insights in application behavior and to create features based on the target group's needs, so that each target group receives relevant information.


"We are proud of the recruitment site we have created in cooperation with Endouble. This recruitment site based on the needs of the target group ensures that we attract the right candidates to work with Albert Heijn. And we keep improving based on data because our site is never finished." Laura van der Zee - Employer Branding & Employee Engagement at Albert Heijn


Data as starting point for improvement

The website is set up in such a way to optimally measure visitor behavior. Continuous data analysis leads to small, continuous website adjustments: 'renovating in an open shop' (in biweekly sprints). Examples of data analysis: linking analytics to context, heat maps and extended user experience tests with the target group.

Target group approach

The primary target group consists of pupils and students. Research shows that the quality of AH applicants is determined by the transparency on the student job, the requirements and the compensation. That is why salary, travel time and relevant information adjusted to (geo)location and search profile are key elements for the website.


Mobile first

Mobile is the most important device for AH applicants. That is why the entire website is mobile friendly and why all the individual pages can be shared on social media.

Elaborate and relevant vacancy detail pages

As an important part of the visitors access the website through a vacancy detail page, these pages contain videos and testimonials about the vacancy in question.

Salary calculator

A tool to manage possible new employees' expectations. Visitors that have filled out the calculator complete their application more often than visitors who don't.

Travel time calculator

There is a link between the success (employment duration) of a shop employee and his or her proximity to the employment location. Almost all shop employees are living within a 2 km radius of the branch. That is why we have added a prominent travel time calculator to the site.

Job alert

It is possible to set up a job alert. A large part of the visitors that use it convert within a week.

Peer to peer communication

Youngsters trust peers and are open to communication. That is why all vacancies are 'sold' by the existing employees, among other things using videos and testimonials.


An improved user experience allowed to increase the number of website visitors and ensured more qualitative applications. Ads influence the message's credibility. Using paid channels becomes redundant thanks to improved findability and conversion.
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