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Recruits better candidates with a "culture match test"

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In ten years, ACT Commodities became the market leader in sales trading, a complex and competitive market with many established names. However, there is still much to be gained on the labor market. Familiarizing candidates with ACT as an employer – also internationally – is an important goal of the recruitment strategy. Up to the new career site to put the employer brand on the market well. (Spoiler alert: succeeded.) 

Industry: Business services

ATS: Greenhouse


Strong analytical skills are crucial for the complex and demanding roles at ACT. However, team fit and cultural fit are equally  important . Matching personality and corporate culture is therefore an important goal. The success of the website is determined by:
  • Improving the candidate experience
  • An increase in the number of applicants  (also from abroad)
  • Decreasing the time to hire
  • Improving the quality of hire
  • Employer branding and increasing brand awareness
"Personality, competences and the cultural fit of a candidate are important within ACT. Who you are is more important than the experience and skills on your resume. With the culture match test we aim to identify the personality of a candidate at the front.  This not only gives us insight into who the candidate is, but it also serves as a pre-selection method in which we can test whether the role at ACT suits him or her. These insights form the basis for us to target the right candidates  and to predict the chances of success of throughout the candidate journey and hiring process." Esmée Trimbos, Global Brand Manager at ACT Commodities


With ACT Commodities we went back to the basics. Working closely together we defined their:
  • the Employee Value Proposition (EVP)
  • the target groups within ACT Commodities
At the core of the EVP is the unique "family culture" and the focus on personal development. This promise to the candidate forms the foundation for the new career site. And through a uniquely developed “cultural match test”, ACT is able to bring skill and cultural fit together. 


Culture match test for the best fit: Candidates complete a short test on the career site to determine their personality and ambitions. Based on the outcome, we’re able to present the candidate with the best-matched vacancies, based on:
  • Learn (personal development)
  • Succeed (employment conditions, benefits and extras)
  • Celebrate (employment conditions, benefits and extras)
  • Trade (job content)
  • Benefit (culture)
This should increase the chances of success of the candidate in the position and the organization.


Results? Very good - right from the start. A few months after go-live, the results of the new career website already exceeded the benchmark (business services).
  • Desktop application rate: 17.1% (ACT) / (benchmark 3.6%)
  • Mobile application rate: 6.4% (ACT) / (benchmark 0.4%)
The engagement figures are also good. Engagement is a strong indicator to predict the quality of candidates.
  • Bouncerate: 24% ACT / (benchmark 41%)
  • Pages per session: 5.7 pages (ACT) / (benchmark 3.3 pages)
  • Session duration: 3:53 minutes (ACT) / (benchmark 2:11 minutes)
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