New date: Workshop Recruitment Analytics & KPI’s

22 Mar
Location: Amsterdam
Organized by: Endouble



About the event

Optimize your recruitment process based on data

Despite the benefits, the bottom line is data-driven talent acquisition is an investment in both time and money. So, why is it important to invest in this? And how can you use recruitment analytics to save costs

Which KPIs are increasingly important for your organization? And how can we use data to predict the quality of the applicant? Our data specialists answer these burning question in this workshop.

So, come to the next workshop!

After this workshop you ..

  • know why data should be leading in your recruitment process.
  • forget about the traditional KPIs and know which KPIs are really important for your recruitment department.
  • step away from reactive recruitment and you know how you can get action-oriented insights to optimize your recruitment process.
  • know how you can use data to predict the quality of an applicant.
  • are inspired by great best practices.

Save the date

  • Thursday, March 22
  • Doors open 1:30 PM, workshop from 2 PM – ± 4 PM
  • Including healthy bites & coffee break
  • Location: Asterweg 20 F1, Amsterdam

About the speakers

  • Richard Jonkhof (LinkedIn)
    Digital Analytics Specialist at Endouble
  • Fleur Griffioen (LinkedIn)
    Analytics Consultant at Endouble

Are you there?

Complete the form if you are interested in attending this event. The workshop is intended for employees of corporates with interest in data reporting for their own recruitment site.

More information?

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