Workshop: Level up your recruitment with Google Analytics

05 Mar

About the event

Recruit candidates smarter by using recruitment data

As a recruiter you probably have plenty of data. Application data, website data and conversion rates. How do you ensure that you use this data to help you work more efficiently? How can you recognise and select relevant data in the midst of time pressure? Using data in the right way reduces the time you spend on screening applicants, and ultimately helps you to find the right people at the right time.

During this practical workshop you will learn everything about the different phases of data maturity. We will help you discover which phase you are currently in and which steps you can take to advance your knowledge – and ultimately work more efficiently.

You will get the chance to test your knowledge during the session and work on assignments individually.

At the end of the workshop you know:

  • The difference between the different phases of data maturity and why it’s important;
  • What it means to proactively collect data;
  • How you can select and process the right data;
  • Which metrics you can measure first;
  • How a data dashboard works and what benefits this offers;
  • How you can set up and organize reports in Google Analytics.

Save the date
Tuesday, March 5th
Starts 9:00 am, workshop from 9:30 am – ± 12 pm
Including breakfast & coffee break
Location: Asterweg 20 F1, 1031 HN Amsterdam

About the speaker
Mike Lina , Analytics Consultant at Endouble

Will you be there?
Complete the form (in Dutch) to register for this event. The workshop is intended for corporate recruiters or recruitment marketers who want to understand and make the most of data reports of their own recruitment websites.