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11 May, 2017

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On Thursday, May 11th, 2017 we are attending the new edition of Werf& Live. The event about labor market communication and recruitment, including the ceremony of the Werf& Awards. Endouble updates you through blogs about the highlights of this event.

Speaker: Irene Vernie – Global HR Director
Company: Rituals Cosmetics

Rituals is an organisation with a beautiful story. Enriching the little things in life with a touch of luxury. With the products of Rituals, all made with passion and inspiration from the use of oriental traditions. Shortly the international Rituals jobs site will go live, that is developed by Endouble. We are proud to work on this site and will provide you with a sneak preview. Irene takes us on the Recruitment Ritual tour today. And that starts with the Rituals DNA.

Living the brand

On-brand content, a job site that radiates Rituals and text and image that communicate the ‘feeling’ of the cosmetic brand. In all they do, you’ll find the Rituals DNA. Consisting of the philosophy of Rituals and their corporate values. The philosophy that you should enjoy the little things and the conscious experience of small everyday routines.

When was the last time you stopped to really notice the world around you?


Six company values describe what Rituals stands for. Irene calls it Living the brand: Rituals’ recruitment is fully in line with the corporate values.

“You are the change you wish to see in the world”

  • Meaningful
  • Authentic
  • Inner & outer beauty
  • Accessible
  • Innovative
  • Best in class

For example, the value ‘Inner & outer beauty’ translates into Rituals shop staff with cared hair and perfectly painted nails. Rituals values how people or things look like. That can also be a good branded presentation, such as Irene shows us today.

Little hierarchy

The organisation is also accessible, there is little hierarchy noticeable. Rituals values small innovations and strives to be ‘Best in class’. This applies both to the people they want to hire and to the way they treat customers.

Vision on recruitment

Irene is quite right to say that any candidate or customer is a potential ambassador to the brand. Therefore Rituals’ vision for recruitment is:

“We treat our applicants as our best customer; every applicant is an ambassador for the brand.”

The mission here is to keep the candidates as ambassadors and to be of significance or value in their lives. The ultimate goal is to get the right people in. And this is where the recruiters’ job comes in.

RPO approach with in-house recruiters

Rituals has chosen an RPO approach with a group of on brand in-house recruiters. They influence the complete process and always ensure a seamless connection to the Rituals values. Should a recruiter get lost during an interview, he always has the survival guide at hand.

How Rituals treats applicants

Find happiness in small things is also reflected in the way Rituals treats her candidates. A small gesture can sometimes be a big gesture for another and have positive effects.

This is what you can expect of the Recruitment Ritual:

  • Personal response for all candidates –
    This might seem obvious, but this is not always the case. Rituals’ mindset: an angry / disappointed candidate is a missed sales opportunity.
  • A thank-you card with sample goes to the home address –
    Hereby a positive experience of the sample is again a possibility of more sales.
  • Two small presents for each applicant
    Rituals let’s you experience The power of giving right away because you are asked to give away 1 gift.
  • All interviews are worthwhile

Rituals jobs site

The international site that is going live soon should feel like ‘a warm bath’ for the applicant. What can we expect?

  • Complete on-brand Rituals jobs site
  • Brand values meet corporate values 
  • Transparency in who Rituals is as an employer

Rituals in numbers

Weekly, Rituals opens 2 to 3 new stores and annually they realise a growth of 30%. These figures don’t lie:

  • 35.000 applicants worldwide
  • 5.000 interviews
  • 10/40% turnover offices/instore
  • Growth: 30% – on average 120 extra shops per year


Irene already mentioned it at the beginning of her presentation. She expects a certain flow of energy during her keynote, including an after lunch dip. However, when she mentions ‘So …’, you know that this is the summary of her story.

Irene’s learning for today is that a good brand with authentic core values does not require any advertising. WIth internal branding you use the brand values to send employees and get them excited. This creates a strong brand that sells itself. Enthusiastic people become ambassadors of your brand.

‘With internal branding you don’t need advertising anymore’

Thanks Rituals, for this Recruitment Ritual tour!

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