What to read on your vacation? Endoublers share favorite books

24 July, 2017

Read in: Nederlands

Have you already planned your vacation, or making plans as we speak? Last minute or not, good reads are a must. Relaxing at the pool or on the beach, it is usually the perfect moment to recharge your battery and gain some new and interesting insights. Our Endoublers share their favorite books as inspiration!

1 / 5: Originals – Adam Grant

Recommended by: Han Rusman (CIO)  

In “Originals”, Adam Grant debunks the myth that “only a selected group can be original”. Few key questions of the book: “Why do only some ideas change our life while others fail? Why does procrastination usually lead to creativity? And, why do the most creative thinkers fail more often than they succeed?” What is interesting, is that as reader you get the impression that Grant is continuously discussing these interesting topics with himself.

Of course, all discussion points are based on research and data. There is one interesting recruitment take-away as well: data tells us that employees who use Firefox and Chrome as browser remain 15%  longer in their jobs. The reason: these people go beyond the default! Are you curious, but have not got time to read? Maybe this TED talk episode is interesting for you.

2/ 5: Grit – Angela Duckworth

Recommended by: Corné de Ruijt (Data Scientist)

Is performance determined by nature or nurture? In “Grit”, author Angela Duckworth explains how people keep fooling themselves by thinking their achievements are determined by nature. We often think “I am never able to do this” instead of “with the same amount of energy and perseverance I can achieve something that is similar”. This process makes you wonder, how much perseverance should we ask from our candidates to gain the best possible match for our company?

3 / 5: Thank You for Being Late – Thomas L. Friedman

Recommended by: Manon Massuger (Project Manager)

Earlier this month, Endouble attended the “Scrum Day Europe 2017” event. Not only did we learn about the latest Scrum-trends, but also about some interesting must-reads. In, “ Thank You for Being Late”, written by Thomas Friedman the fast changing world around us has the main focus. How can you keep getting the most out of this world? Friendman’s advice: Take a deep breath, take a moment to analyze and adapt. In the end, the world around you isn’t going to wait for you and definitely will not go slower! 

4/ 5: Product Leadership – Richard Banfield, Martin Eriksson, Nate Walkingshaw

Recommended by: Dean Maw (Product Owner)

Being a product manager in today’s fast developing world is quite the challenge to face. How do you simultaneously manage people, keep in track of the latest technological developments and maneuver through product roadmaps? In “Product Leadership”, the authors Banfield, Eriksson and Walkingshaw make it possible for you to learn from the experience of 100 fellow product managers. Have we made you curious about their refreshing insights, approaches, work styles and techniques?

5/ 5: Storytelling with Data – Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic

Recommended by: Corné de Ruijt (Data Scientist)

Recruitment better get used to it: in the future we will spend more and more time on interpreting and reporting data. From our experience, translating data into actionable insights can be quite a challenge. Furthermore, how can you ensure your data visualization is understandable to everyone? In this book, Cole provides you practical tips and tricks on how to translate data to action. Discover which tools to use and how to save time interpreting and reporting data. In the end, this will give you more time to act (based on data of course).

We hope these must reads of our colleagues will help you with your personal resolution to read an interesting book while on vacation. We wish everyone a good summer vacation and happy reading!