My 2nd Endouble Hackathon: a new holiday tool in no time

01 February, 2017

Read in: Nederlands

For weeks we were counting the days until the second Endouble Hackathon would start. We even built a dashboard with a countdown for this. Last Thursday was the big day. And no, Hackathons are not only intended for developers! Our colleague Lotte – HR specialist – provides a glimpse behind the scenes.Hackaton-Endouble-blog


Basically it is a race or event that lasts between 8 to 54 hours. During this limited period of time, together with your team, you build a product that solves a viable problem of your choice. 

10 teams, 10 ideas

Foto4Developers, designers, project managers – anyone can contribute with ideas or join another idea. In this way, teams emerge with colleagues where you do not usually cooperate with. I myself had the idea to develop a holiday tool that syncs with our time sheets. So that it is clear to colleagues how many vacation days they have left, and we can say bye to Excel sheets!

Another idea was a dashboard for our reception desk, stating who’s celebrating its birthday, which meeting room is booked and what’s on the menu for lunch. This time 10 teams worked on innovative and practical solutions that make life for ourselves or our customers easier.

Building new tools in no time

The teams worked throughout the day on the ideas. I found this very cool because I worked with other colleagues for one day and got to know them better. It is inspiring to see how quickly our developers build a new gadget or tool!Foto1


We ended the day with presentations of the work that has been done. And of course some well deserved burgers and beers… Every Hackathon I get a sense of pride again when I see what can be made in one day! After two hackathons my holiday tool is finished and I am very happy with all the time savings that will give me in the future.Holiday-tool-Endouble

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