Jumbowerkt.nl nominated for a Werf& Award – you can vote now

28 March, 2017

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A great start of the week! The Jumbo case is in the pre-selection for the ‘Werf& Awards 2017’. Jumbowerkt.nl, developed by Endouble, is nominated in the category ‘best recruitment case’. Until Friday, April 7th the public can vote. During ‘Werf& Live’ on May 11th the awards will be handed out. We are proud that we are in the running with Jumbo for an award. They definitely have our vote!

Will you vote too?

More about the Jumbo case

Jumbo’s ambition? To continuously innovate and enter new markets. In short time, the supermarket company has grown from 30.000 (in 2014) to 65.000 (!) employees now. And this growth will continue for a while.

Using data in a special way

How do you predict the quality of hire of more than 30.000 new colleagues, without concrete working experience? Jumbo does it by using data in a special way.

Focus on quality

The quality of candidates, from store assistant to fulfillment specialist, is therefore a priority. Jumbo decided to dive deep into the data to see if quality is predictable in some way. What insights do the patterns in the data provide? Which data points in the journey of talent are the main predictors of success? And how can we best fit their development to this?

Strong backend

The huge inflow need requires a sustainable approach. Ideally, recruiters reject as little as possible candidates. In the end each candidate is a (potential) customer as well. For Jumbowerkt.nl, the career site of the fast-growing supermarket chain, therefore the strength of the website lies in the backend. Decorating a shop window after all, also only makes sense if the warehouse is in order.

Why should this case win a Werf& Award?

“In a sustainable way we built a strong website that offers a solution to the recruitment challenges from nowadays.”

– Rosalie Lap, Marketing Manager at Endouble

According to her the case also shows that your candidates’ data from the online process can be an excellent predictor of success in actual working practice. “Where Jumbo previously invited the candidate with the most relevant working experience, now candidates are pre-sorted for the interview on the basis of these data touch points.”

Read the complete case of Jumbo & Endouble (in Dutch) which was submitted in the category ‘Recruitment’ for the ‘Werf& Awards 2017’.

Thanks for voting!

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