Inspiration session: This is how Sandd recruits over 6.000 postmen a year

12 July, 2017

Read in: Nederlands

How do you recruit over 6.000 postmen a year all over the country in a market that is under heavy pressure? How can you do this in a clever and cost efficient way? And how do you build your site and campaigns around this? Sandd’s recruitment site plays a crucial role in this case. Stephan Wiepjes, Manager Recruitment at Sandd and Richard Jonkhof, Analytics Specialist at Endouble answer these questions during an inspiration session.

Recruitment challenges

As the “post service market” shrinks about 10% a year, postmen have fewer packages to deliver and consequently work less hours. Simultaneously, the economy is picking up and the demand for staff is increasing. These events make it more difficult to recruit the right people. For Sandd the challenge is even more complex as the company is still building their brand awareness as an employer. Quite a challenge to tackle as Recruitment team!

The recruitment website

The recruitment site of Sandd plays a crucial role in establishing their recruitment goals. Endouble and Sandd have worked together for quite some time on launching campaigns and analytics which provided them with interesting insights. For the new career site, the key topics were: mobile friendliness, full measurability and the connection with 3 (!) ATS’s. Also, matching information with the context of a candidate had the focus. This enables Sandd to provide their visitors with information relevant to his or her personal situation.


Sandd addresses various target audiences and their matching candidate needs on their website. For instance, for postman it is a “need to know” what their salary will be. However, candidates for a job position at the Sandd headquarter will value functional information on the job. This makes it important to continuously look for a balance between the information Sandd provides and the information each candidate type wants to know. Right now, the information visitors get to see on the site is determined by their IP-address and some additional search filters. Hereby, you can prevent that students from Amsterdam are shown vacancies in other cities, like Maastricht.


Using campaigns is necessary when you have the challenge of recruiting 6.000 new postmen every year. In this case, Facebook, Adwords, Indeed and Tradetracker are the most important channels. The campaigns are setup so that the campaign message automatically matches the target audience. However, with their current postmen Sandd has a capable and wide network to start offline campaigns as well. This has resulted in a clever recruitment campaign under graduated students where the conversion ratio was 17%. Practice what you preach we would say.


The core of Sandd’s recruitment strategy is data. Their own recruitment website is the place where this data can be collected and connected. How many new colleagues are hired through the website? Which pages on the site have they visited? And how many pages were visited before the hire took place? It is not only about attracting as many visitors possible to your site, but about attracting the right people to your site. This can be managed by measuring every small step in the recruitment funnel and analyzing the factors which have a positive influence on increasing the quality of candidates.

That why we measure:

  • Basic data such as page views, events, bounce rates, sources etv.
  • Conversion data
  • Micro data such as job alerts, # visits to the vacancy detail page, # times that the application form has been opened
  • Macro data: the completed applications
  • “Enhanced” application flow data (impression > detail >form >application per vacancy)
  • The ATS flow: interviews and hired candidates
  • Candidate characteristics such as age

All these factors above can be presented in clear dashboards and reports. This makes it possible for Sandd to draw the right conclusions to their data-insights. Very convenient as the recruitment funnel can always be optimized.


Summing up, we have a few takeaways for you. Did you know:

  • All postmen, regarding their age, are paid the minimum wage of €9,04? This is a huge plus for young people;
  • Tuesdays and Fridays the only delivery days are? Sandd deliberately chooses to deliver on just two days as efficient as possible;
  • Postmen at Sandd work from home? They get the packages for their district delivered at home and sort the mail from their homes. That’s what we call flexworking!

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