Hey there, future developer!

Written by: Renan
21 August, 2017

Read in: Nederlands

So you want to work as a developer at Endouble? That’s awesome, we would love to have you around. Did you already apply for one of our positions? Perhaps this quick guide can help you along the process. Shall we take a peek?

Phase 1:

You are eager to push that big blue “Apply button, I know, but before applying you should have these points covered:

  • Are you the one? Make sure you fit in the job’s description.
  • Are you not from the Netherlands? That’s fine, we are proud to be an international company. But, bear in mind that changing countries does have its challenges. Are you up for them?
  • Is your LinkedIn profile up to date? No? Now it’s the time to update it!
  • We love reading as much as we like writing code, seriously! Don’t be shy and share us your Github profile so we can dig through it. Are you also on StackOverflow? Even better! Can we check your contributions there?
  • Last but not the least, why do you want to work here? Write us a nice motivation letter explaining us why. And if you’re a bit of a poet, you can try to write it as a haiku.

Phase 2:

You applied and we think you may fit at Endouble, so let’s move on to the online interview. We have a few hints to assist you at this step:

  • First of all, chill! Don’t be nervous, it’s just a quick chat to know a bit more about you and to introduce us. Don’t be afraid to ask us to repeat a question or to explain it better. Trust me, we’ve all been there before.
  • Have a good internet connection around you. We are curious about you, and would like to see you in the video, not just to listen to you.
  • Punctuality is paramount, be there on time. If you won’t be able to make it, just let us know asap and give us a few options for the next days, so we can arrange a new interview.
  • Choose a nice quiet place. Working at a Starbucks is kinda cool, but maybe it’s just too noisy for a video chat.
  • Do you have questions for us? Great, this is a good opportunity to ask them. We would love to tell you more.

Phase 3:

The interview was smooth, nice! Now it’s time for a coding challenge, are you ready? Let’s do this:

  • Make sure you follow the test’s requirements completely. Do you want to do a bit more? That’s great too, as long as you don’t miss the deadline.
  • Yeah, the deadline. Don’t miss it, but if something happen along the way, be transparent about it and let us know so we can work on an extension.
  • We <3 git. Show us the result of your test on a good looking private repo, with commit history and a proper README.md file guiding us on how to run your code.
  • You do not have a paid Github account to share private? No worries! Please share your results with us via Bitbucket or Gitlab.

Phase 4:

Looks like you have outstanding coding abilities, way to go! We are almost there, just one or two more interviews (don’t forget the tips for the online interview we just gave) away, and then we’ll make you an offer. How does that sound?


You did accept it! Fantastic! We can’t wait to meet you here at the office. In the meantime you might want to read more about how it is to live in the beautiful city of Amsterdam and what to expect from the Netherlands. Here are some “nice to knows”:

Oh, and in case you forgot after reading this post, take a look at our open positions. There may be one that suits you. See you soon?