Google for Jobs, several sides to the same story (part 2/2)

27 July, 2017

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About a month ago it suddenly became clear that Google had developed an interest in recruitment. For some a surprise, for others a long awaited moment in time. Here is our take on what we know so far and what it might become. Last week we shared the first part, now we focus on the impact of Google for Jobs on other industries, new business models and how we get along with these developments.

The Unknown (agencies of different breeds)

Let’s have a look at other industries possibly influenced by Google for Jobs: the SEO copywriters and ATS suppliers. If Google becomes truly successful in their Natural Language algorithms there shouldn’t be a need to re-write your job description for SEO reasons. As explained in this article, Google is taking jobs and skills ontology into account and has defined a co

mplete jobs universe. The promise made that with Machine Learning and language processing, a simple keyword will find similar jobs with different job titles in the same ‘galaxy’. So forget about SEO and just focus on delivering a breathtaking yet accurate job description? Who knows, but it looks like the heyday in SEO writing for jobs is over. It will become more technical to comply with the standards of, search console connection, etc, etc. Do you want to know more about this? We are hosting an event to talk about implications.

Another interesting move, loosely connected to Google for Jobs, is This below-the-radar-ATS from Google is out there for a few months and doesn’t look impressive from an applicant point of view. For example, if you visit the career page of, you’re looking at an i-frame (horror!) of Google. The jobs aren’t actually on the domain of Wondersauce, but are hosted on a separate landing page from Google. And guess what? They show up in Google for Jobs! So this could mean that even old school ATS suppliers who made themselves obsolete with their i-frame solutions, could now have a way back in the search engine discussion. If the ATS can post a direct feed with jobs to Google for Jobs, they will get traffic to the i-frame, regardless of the bad SEO on i-frames. Is it that simple? No, not entirely. You’ll need to get your technical SEO up to date and implement as an identifier of job related variables. Too technical for now, but we’ll follow up soon.

On the other hand, if Google can develop an ATS, which doesn’t look so bad at all if you see the product pages, you’d better start thinking about your exit strategy. As described in this article, it is not entirely sure what the future holds but they are probing – simultaneously – different angles in the talent acquisition market.

Watch this video for a sneak preview of Google Hire:

New business model?

Google is investing heavily in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and cloud infrastructure. It already has high value, high entrance costs and is by nature highly scalable. There is a public price list for all the services they can provide on several topics like Translation, Vision, Natural Language, Speech, Identity, Security, etc. Our bet is that Google isn’t interested in selling job advertisements by door-to-door salesmen. A thing from the past, and it was about to die anyway. It could prove much more valuable to get free information directly from the end users, crunch it into algorithms, and sell it back to the customer through cloud services and API’s which are offered by their ‘partners’.

Much more scalable and intelligent and it requires no sales forces closing quarterly deals as it is entirely subscription based. Sounds like a better deal to us. Again, this is highly speculative and should not be regarded as fact.

Now what?

Well, so much for talking, but we have been known for our analytics skills. It’s why we are one of the few Google Analytics Certified Partners. So, what do we – as – do with Google for Jobs?

As always we are now testing for a few of our clients with footprint in the US market. It’s too early to draw conclusions, but we understand and value the potential disruptive power. That’s why we are advising our European customers to prepare their career platforms for the arrival of Google for Jobs. It is no secret that we’ve always been appreciative to Google search engine, as one of the best sources, both in quality and quantity. The fact that they are potentially disrupting an entire industry of job boards, ATS and copywriters doesn’t interfere with our goal: make high volume talent acquisition as efficient as possible for our customers. All initiatives contributing to this goal are welcome to be measured.

Google for Jobs Q&A session

Do you want to know more about the impact of Google for Jobs on your recruitment strategy? Then visit our Q&A session at September 14.

During this session, Richard Jonkhof, Google specialist at Endouble, will answer your burning questions regarding this topic.


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