eRecruitment 2017 | How Jumbo predicts the quality of new colleagues with data

06 April, 2017

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On Thursday, April 6th Endouble is blogging live from Emerce eRecruitment. The annual event about online innovations for professionals in recruitment and HR.

Speaker: Jennifer Kors (Manager HR Headquarters & Recruitment at Jumbo)
Company: Jumbo

How do you predict the quality of hire of 30.000 new colleagues without concrete working experience? Jumbo does it by using data in a special way. Jennifer Kors tells us the secret of 30.000 successful hires. We discover how Jumbo attracts the right candidates through the data-driven (developed by Endouble).

Mission and DNA

Jumbo wants to exceed expectations. Every day, everywhere, for every customer. They transform Jumbo customers into true Jumbo fans. Continuing where others stop. Based on the conviction that it can always be better, different and cheaper, Jumbo has the drive to make the impossible possible every day.
Jumbo’s DNA consists of Samen (together), Ondernemen (entrepreneurship) and Winnen (win). With the unique 7 Zekerheden (securities), Jumbo does every possible thing to make the customer satisfied for more than 100%. Jumbo was named ‘Best Supermarket of the Year’ for several times in a row.

Hello challenge

In short time, the supermarket company has grown from 30.000 (in 2014) to 65.000 (!) employees now. And this growth will continue for a while. The central questions that Jumbo daily tries to answer are:

  • On the one hand: how to make each interview experience positive?
  • On the other hand: how to get a better image of qualitative candidates?

Jumbo finds these answers with data.

Hello data

Jumbo truly believes that data can make a difference in the recruitment of future talent. Here Jumbo and Endouble found each other. Previously Jumbo barely made decisions based on data. More often gut feeling was decisive. And that has changed now.

Jumbo translated its strategic recruitment targets to the main KPI’s that are now the basis for reporting in Google Analytics. Specially developed visual dashboards help Jumbo to properly interpret the data. For the entire organisation (recruiters, hiring managers, etc.) these numbers are visible.Every hiring manager immediately sees the results and the recruitment funnel. He is able to see the obstacles per vacancy or department. But also what type of profiles convert better on mobile and desktop. Eventually, it is all about changing behaviour and optimising the process. Jumbo’s store managers must be able to acquire better people that also stay longer. And here the predictive models play an important role.

Prediction based on algorithms

Jumbo is able to optimise their job management based on an algorithm. Here data streams and data exchange of – the website, the ATS (Talentsoft), analytics and advertising – are linked together. With this data we can predict:

  • how many candidates per week apply on an individual vacancy
  • how many candidates we need to fulfill a vacancy successfully

With this information, a vacancy can automatically be closed when the right level is reached. Is there a shortage of candidates of do they lose on the average predicted? Here Jumbo is able to automatically launch a campaign.

The advantage? Once the vacancy is closed, Jumbo has enough candidates for great conversations. There are no extra candidates, so no additional disappointments and – the most important – more Jumbo fans.

Did you know that…

  • … the best day to apply is Monday or Tuesday (no surprise) – the worst is Saturday
  • … the conversion ratio of Xbox users is 180% higher than the average application rate
  • Google is the main source for the visitors of (earned and owned channels)

Jumbo goes for every day improvement and expects that the future lies in data. The possibilities extend far so they go along further. Jennifer is proud of the developments so far and has good expectations for the future.

Would you like to learn more? Have a look at Jumbo’s full presentation:

Hoe Jumbo de quality of hire van ruim 30.000 nieuwe collega’s voorspelt – Emerce eRecruitment 2017 from Endouble

Nomination Werf& Award

Jennifer closes her impassioned speech with a call to vote for Jumbo. With their data-driven approach they are nominated for the best recruitment case. Support them by voting – here – for the Werf& Awards.

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