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12 April, 2017

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On Thursday, April 6th Endouble is blogging live from Emerce eRecruitment. The annual event about online innovations for professionals in recruitment and HR.

Speaker: Maaike Thijssen
(Head of Talent acquisition at BAM)
Company: Royal BAM Group

Maaike explains how BAM approaches the labor market based on behavioural data of their audiences.

“Typically, our approach is focused on getting in touch with people who are not looking for work as quickly and as effectively as possible.”
– Maaike

Solid foundation

The foundation is always the base for construction group BAM. A solid foundation. And that applies not only to everyday projects, but also for the smart recruitment approach of the Royal BAM Group. This has changed dramatically in recent years. The recruitment team has been greatly expanded with super sourcers and BAM decided to further delve into their target group.

Reach latent target group

BAM executes specialised construction and civil engineering projects in niche markets. The company represents impressive projects, innovative solutions and often technically trained employees (experts). The majority of these people already have a job, what makes them a tough target to recruit. BAM knows yet to achieve this talent with a new, effective recruitment approach. And ensuring that they actively are going to apply at BAM. How do they do that? By triggering the target group continuously with personalised, relevant content. On the campaign website, BAM provides information about the project, how it is to work there and what career opportunities they have.

Candidate journey

BAM is trying to attract their target group to the site through social channels and Google. Then the real work begins. BAM follows the candidate journey of the potential candidate. Did a candidate earlier viewed project ‘X’? Then the candidate will see a video about this project on his Facebook timeline. By using the AIDA model BAM builds a storyline for each candidate. Hoping that the candidate is eventually tempted to a job. In short: personalising the candidate journey.

Predict, seduce and connect with data

Obviously, this approach requires a lot of data analysis, research and deepening. BAM works with personas of the target groups – for example, the deepening of the profile ‘executor’. By creating personas, BAM has a clear understanding of the characteristics of the target group: what moves them, what sites do they visit and which social media do they use? So they can now predict per target group what they should do to seduce and connect them to BAM.

To connect more people to BAM other means are used as well. Sharing jobs among workers is strongly encouraged. Twitterer Marco van Dulst is tower crane operator at BAM and shares the best pictures from above. At the ‘working-at’ website you will find detailed profiles of ‘the people at BAM’. People for who they sometimes organise a social media training. This is all part of BAM’s recruitment approach.

‘More than recruitment’

Get to know the colleagues from the Talent Acquisition department of BAM and discover, among others, what Maaike dreams of.

Maaike concludes with her key message:

Predict, seduce, connect –
For now or for later!

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