Endouble takes next step in growth model

10 August, 2017

Read in: Nederlands 

Recently we announced the transfer of daily management to Kenichi Imamura. As the transfer of management goes faster than initially expected, Leon and Jan Peter will leave the company in good hands by the end of September. This means the start of a new chapter for Endouble. We are excited to share where we stand today.

From agency to product driven company

Having Recruit on board as parent company facilitates international growth at an accelerated pace. Up until now we are successful with building tailored solutions for our clients, a so called ‘agency approach’. In order to become future proof, we are working on a solid platform which enables us to offer our products and services in a scalable way and more important: offer lifetime value to our customers.

The end goal remains the same: we continuously improve talent acquisition success through data and insights and we will do this with like-minded customers. Kenichi: “Endouble can help much more companies than we do now. That’s why we are transforming ourselves to be more productive and shifting towards a product-oriented company.”

First clients on new product

Recently we introduced the first Dutch customers on the new platform: Varova and Rituals are the first pioneers and share a strong believe in our future-proof approach.

In the upcoming three years we will move more customers to the new platform, all combining best of both worlds: a customized front-end combined with a back-end with a proven track record.

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