Endouble in top 30 most popular companies according to developers

08 May, 2017

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Cocoon just announced the list of the most popular companies according to developers – and Endouble is part of it. The app aims to easily connect tech oriented companies with job seekers. Many developers have a profile, which allows them to like or dislike companies. Cocoon dived into their data last week to find out how people with a Developer profile are judging more than 400 companies.

Top 30 with Uber, Coolblue and Blendle

We are proud to be part of this list, especially because its rated by developers. An important group of talents that we try to attract. Endouble ended up 27th, just before Usabilla and behind many other cool tech companies.Endouble_blog_cocoon_30_popular_companies_developers_results_editedThe results are the actual percentages of 700,000 likes and dislikes for all companies. The higher the score, the more often a job-seeker likes the jobs of the related company. Blog_Endouble_cocoon_30_popular_companies_about_endouble

Let’s ask a developer…

One of our developers – Agustin from Venezuela – personally agrees with our spot on the list.

“Because the balance between responsibilities and freedom is just about right here.”

He mentions the possibilities of remote working, fun at the office and nice people to work with.

“I couldn’t ask for more from a company.”

Welcome, we are always looking for new Endoublers

We are not just number 27 on this list, but also looking for more developers at this very moment. We hope to soon welcome a Senior PHP Developer, Frontend Developer and Team Lead for the Support team. You can always send an open application if our site currently doesn’t offer a suitable vacancy.

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