How data continuously improves the prediction of Jumbo’s quality of hire

03 October, 2017

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How do you make sure that you hire over 30,000 new colleagues in a cost-effective way over a year? By reverse thinking! At Jumbo, data is leading in the recruitment approach. During the event ‘Reverse Thinking in HR’, co-organised by Performance Solutions and Cammio, Marjolein Lim from Jumbo and Jacco Koppes from Endouble tell how Jumbo attracts the right candidates through their data-driven recruitment site,

Jumbo’s (recruitment) mission

Jumbo wants to exceed expectations. Every day, everywhere, for every customer. They transform Jumbo customers into true Jumbo fans. Continuing where others stop. Based on the conviction that it can always be better, different and cheaper, Jumbo has the drive to make the impossible possible every day.

In a short period of time, the supermarket company has made huge growth of 30,000 (in 2014) to 65,000 (!) employees now. And that growth will continue for a while. The central questions that Jumbo daily tries to answer are:

  • On the one hand: how do you make each application experience positive? Even if you are rejected.
  • On the other hand: how do you get a clear image of your qualitative candidates?

Jumbo finds these answers with data.

Hello data

Jumbo strongly believes that data can make a difference in assuming future talent. Therefore, the company invests in data maturity, step by step the organization becomes smarter. From acting on the basis of an gut feeling to predictive models. Here Jumbo and Endouble found each other.

Data maturity knows different stages, also for Jumbo:

  • Making decisions based on gut feeling
  • Translate strategic recruitment goals to KPIs
  • Understanding of own performance through data reports
  • Changing behavior and optimizing the process through predictive models

Jumbo and Endouble jointly work towards that last stage.

But how?

That sounds wonderful, but how is Jumbo able to let data lead in their recruitment strategy? Together with Endouble, an approach is made that consists of three main elements:

  • Data exchange

Due to a unique link between Google Analytics and TalentSoft, the entire funnel is insightful, from  vacancy display in a vacancy summary to application and hire / rejection. In a clear data report, it becomes clear where in the process the pains are and where things can be adjusted.

  • Data insightful and comprehensible

In order to make data understandable for the entire organization, dashboards have been developed that are easy to use and give immediate insight into the results and the recruitment funnel. In this way, we help the supermarket manager to reduce his administrative workload and qualitative hires.

  • Vacancy stop

When there are sufficient vacancies for a vacancy, it will be terminated automatically. At the same time, the ‘bad’ running vacancies are automatically boosted by automated advertisement. The advantage? Once the vacancy has been closed, Jumbo has enough candidates for good conversations. There are no additional candidates, so no additional disappointments and – most importantly – more Jumbo fans!

In addition, killer questions lead to an improvement in the quality of job applicants. For example, candidates who do not meet the age requirement do not come through the application process, which has a positive effect on the hire rate.

And what is the result?

Ultimately, better insights through data provide behavioral change and optimization of the process. Jumbo’s supermarket managers are able to predict better what people stay longer.

Did you know, for example, that:

  • 92% of all our visitors find us through our owned and earned channels
  • The best candidates apply on average 2 or 3 times on a vacancy
  • The chance is 14% bigger to be adopted when approaching the site with an iPhone 5

The next step is to influence the order of candidates in the ATS based on these predictive values. So that the branch manager can make valuable time efficient for customers and candidates.

Reverse Thinking in HR was organised by Performance Solutions, Cammio and Endouble

Jumbo at HR Tech

Do you want to know more about this case? Then visit HR Tech in Amsterdam, at October 25, where Jennifer Kors – Head of HR at Jumbo – will dive into Jumbo’s data driven recruitment approach.

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